I'm Bruno Magal, a brazilian hands on Digital Creative Director, with 13 years of experience, managing Visual Design, UI/UX, Art Direction and QA at RC Comunicação.
I also work with some serious startups, creating digital solutions for helping them to succeed. Thanks for visiting.


As a prize for the Valentine’s day campaign, the Boulevard Shopping (a brazilian mall) was giving away a trip to Croatia.

To activate the promotion, we used Facebook’s Graph Search feature to find a couple that lives in the city where the mall is located and likes the mall’s page on facebook. After the choice, we noticed that the boy was living in another city, but keeping the relationship by distance. We decided do bring him back and make a surprise for her. As a result of their date, we produced a film for internet that invited the other couples to connect each other by using the app created to analyze their profile in facebook and setting an affinity percentage.

To get the user’s participation, we also used the Graph Search to create custom Facebook ads from couples that liked the mall’s page on Facebook. After using the app, the result could be shared, inviting the user’s friends to do the same thing.